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28 Mar

Dieting seems to have more drawbacks than benefits, especially when it comes to what you can’t eat. There are so many rules to follow to “eat healthy”. Snacks and dessert seem to be the most regulated meal times, and that can lead to snacks and desserts that are not that tastebud friendly.

As far as healthy snacks go it’s a real short list aint it? I mean there’s popcorn, cheese, trail mix, nuts, fruit and raw vegetables. I mean you can’t even cook the vegetables father? Ok, I’m exaggerating a lil bit. If you want to get fancy you can have some dark chocolate covered strawberries, or lean protein and fruit i.e cold turkey and grapes, but that’s as far as it goes.

Well, as you know, my taste buds always get a vote on what I eat. So I decided to stock up on snack recipes that are healthy, but don’t taste like it, so snack time still tastes like snack time. I call these my sneaky snacks, because they’re healthy, but they taste so good you’d never know it. I’ve been fooling my kids or years with sneaky recipes. Yep, it works for vegetables too. My kids think they always lived vegetables. Shhh…. Don’t tell ‘em.