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Maintenance Mode

Winner comes packed with a Maintenance Mode feature.
You can easily hide your website form your visitors during the development mode.
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Simple and Effective

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SEO Friendly

Send correct HTTP-headers:
503 Service Unavailable and Retry-After
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Responsive Design

Looks perfect on every devices:
Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
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Custom Backgrounds

Upload your own background image.
Control how it is displayed: full-sized or as a pattern.
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100% Customizable

Every text displayed on the page can be changed.
Write your own message.
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Social Networks

Show icons from your own Social Networks.
Keep your audience in touch.
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Translation ready

The texts might be translated to any language.
WPML compatible.
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Easy to Use

Activate/Deactivate with one click.
Control it from the Theme Options panel.
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Hidden only for visitors

If you're logged in as admin, you can normally view the website.
Show it just when you're done.

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