T Stabilization Exercise

Exercise / Abs

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How to perform the exercise

1. Drop into a full push up position.


2. Rotate one arm upwards toward the ceiling, then back down to the floor.


3. Next rotate the opposite arm up towards the ceiling, then back down to the floor. That’s one rep.


4. Be sure to keep both feet evenly placed hip or shoulder-width apart.


5. Repeat reps for one minute.


  • The T-stabilization exercise is a stability exercise
  • Form is important

Using a padded exercise mat is recommended to minimize the stress to hands and wrists. To avoid injuries, be careful not to jerk when rotating. Use smooth, controlled movements. And remember not to rotate too far in either direction.

CAUTION: If you’re a beginner, or not in optimal shape for exercise, start slowly! Consult a physician before starting a new exercise regimen.

Exercise Tips

  • Be careful not to rotate too far back when rotating arms.
  • Rotating too far in either direction can cause injuries to your arm, shoulders, neck, and back.
  • The T-stabilization exercise helps build endurance in your lower back.
  • Start slow, you will build endurance over time.



  1. The T Stabilization Exercise is a variation of the standard plank and is also very effective for targeting abdominal muscles.
  2. Another popular variation of the plank is the side plank because it works all of the major muscles in the abdomen.